BA Fine Arts University. Santa Isabel de Hungría, Sevilla. Spain

Artist included in the New Encyclopedia of History and Art of Andalusia (Ed. Editions Gever). Included in the Dictionary of Painters and Sculptors of S. XXI.


  • Carlos Bermúdez Gallery. Córdoba (Spain)
  • Pabellón Florida. Madrid
  • Cultural Center Galileo. Madrid (Spain)
  • Perez Comendador Leroux Museum. Hervás.Cáceres (Spain)
  • El Brocense Gallery. Carceres (Spain)
  • Drawing Museum Castillo de Larrés. Sabiñánigo (Huesca. Spain)
  • Gràcia Gallery. Barcelona (Spain)
  • Barquillo Gallery . CajaMadrid. Madrid (Spain)
  • Arenal Gallery. Sevilla (Spain)
  • Ventana Abierta Gallery. Sevilla (Spain)
  • Al Andalus Gallery. Sevilla (Spain)
  • Mirart Gallery. Madrid (Spain).
  • XLIV Salon d'Autumn. Fine Art Academy. Sevilla (Spain)
  • La Tienda de Bailén Gallery. Sevilla. (Spain)
  • Sala Unicaja. Almería (Spain)
  • Arts Biennial of the Canaries. Tenerife (Spain).
  • Carrión Gallery. Almeria (Spain)


  • Portrait Painter. Private collections
  • Mural Decoration Projects (Trompe l'oeil and mural paintings) for Marriott Hotels & Resorts
  • Trompe l'oeil works for the decoration department of El Corte Inglés (Spain) and McDonald's Corporation
  • Trompe l'oeil and works of art for Paradores de Turismo of Spain
  • Mural painting restoration in the Royal Hall of Hotel Alfonso XIII in Seville (Spain)
  • Mural painting decoration for the Pavilion of the UAE. Expo '92. Sevilla (Spain)
  • Decorative art works in private homes & villas in Spain
  • Fabric and fashion designer. Spain
  • Graphic designer. Sevilla University
  • Ilustrator. Book covers